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Chancel Islet

Observe the iguanas and discover the history

Chancel islet (or Ramville) is a separate islet: 
First of all, it is the largest in Robert Bay but also in Martinique with a length of 2.1km, a maximum width of less than 900m and a peak at 68m in height.


Its fauna and flora are abundant and allow you to observe a large colony of iguanas endemic to the Lesser Antilles (Iguana Delicatissima) and to discover many local species: mangroves, pear trees, strangler fig trees, etc.

Ilet Chancel is also of the greatest archaeological interest because it has had a rich history and has frequently changed owners. In particular, it retains the remains (including a perfectly preserved lime kiln) of an old pottery/brickyard from the end of the 18th century.


Ilet Chancet et ses iguanes
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